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200 Deep

Malvern Bank, National Association, in partnership with Bell Rock Capital, our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), are now offering our clients the opportunity to invest using state of the art technology, which is called 200Deep®. Bell Rock Capital has built this great service for you, our clients. It’s easy to use, customized to your goals and risk tolerance, and at a great price point!

Assess Your Risk Tolerance

What is Your
Risk Tolerance?

One basic part of investing is first knowing how you truly feel about risk. Sure you may “say” you want an aggressive investment portfolio because you’d be happy if it went up 50% in a year – BUT -what if things don’t work out and it goes down 50%? How are you going to feel? Will you lose sleep or pull your hair out? In order for your true risk tolerance personality to be reflected in your investment portfolio, we’ve developed a short questionnaire that helps us numerically quantify a risk tolerance score for you. The higher the score, the more tolerance of risk you may be. This score helps us craft the right asset allocation model for your investment portfolio – so that if you don’t do well with risk (volatile markets) we can craft a portfolio that is a good blend of investments that will keep the portfolio from big swings that you may not like.

Open Your Account

Your Account

Everyone hates paperwork - especially the long forms to open up a bank or investment account. With the help of our custodian *, we have made this process completely electronic for you. Once you have completed your risk tolerance questionnaire and want to open your account, just follow the simple screen prompts and e-sign all the forms right there. No printing. No scanning. No faxing. Even funding your account will be done through a transfer from another investment account or a bank account. It's that simple!

Dive In. Invest.

Dive In.

Before anyone invests it is important to understand what your own emotional relationship may be with the concept of "risk". For example, you may watch a game show on TV and say to yourself "If that were me I wouldn't take the deal I would go for the brass ring". But is that REALLY how you feel if real money and the real world are involved? We have developed a way to quantify your risk tolerance with 6 questions. Yes - in 6 questions we can identify how you feel about risk and meld that with an appropriate recommended portfolio of investments for you.


What is 200Deep®?

200Deep® is an automated investment platform which some people refer to as a "robo-advisor". The process is simple and will take your risk tolerance, recommend a portfolio for you, and if you like it, you can open an account through Bell Rock Capital’s custodian *. No paperwork to print out since you fill everything out online. Once your account is funded, simply select the portfolio that was recommended (or another if you choose) and everything happens automatically for you. Dividends get reinvested, and the humans in the background pay attention to what's happening for you.

Additionally, you can call Bell Rock Capital or Malvern Bank with questions. And, at no charge, you receive an annual review with one of our licensed advisors in order to answer questions and learn more about your financial situation. That's all we do. We help with investing in the markets, and discovered automated investing was a way for us to help the you, the investor, to leverage our 200 plus years of investment experience in a way that's cost effective.

The process is simple and will take your risk tolerance, recommend a portfolio for you, and if you like it, you can open an account through Bell Rock Capital’s custodian*.



200Deep® Powered by Bell Rock ("200 Deep®") is an automated investment advisory service provided by Bell Rock Capital, LLC ("Bell Rock"), an investment advisory firm registered with the Securities Exchange Commission ("SEC") under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940 ("Advisers Act"). 200Deep® does not provide personalized financial planning to clients, such as estate planning, tax planning, insurance, etc. Nothing on the 200Deep® or Bell Rock websites should be construed as a solicitation or offer to buy or sell any security. Investment advisory services are only provided to investors who become Bell Rock clients pursuant to a written advisory agreement.

200Deep® is hosted by Invessence, Inc., an unaffiliated provider of wealth management platforms to investment advisers. This platform enables Bell Rock to make 200Deep® available to clients online and includes a system that automates certain key parts of Bell Rock's investment process. The investment process includes an online questionnaire that helps Bell Rock determine the client's investment objectives and risk tolerance. This information is then used to select an appropriate investment portfolio. Bell Rock will recommend a portfolio via the online system in response to the client's answers to the questionnaire. The online system also includes an automated investment engine through which Bell Rock manages the client's portfolio on an ongoing basis.

* Custody and brokerage services for 200Deep® are provided by T.D. Ameritrade, Inc., an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

For additional information regarding fees, potential conflicts of interest, services, and risks, please consult Bell Rock's Form ADV.

Investments involve risk including the possible loss of principal. No guarantees can be offered. Bell Rock Capital, LLC cannot predict future results. Past performance is in no way an indicator of future success.

Products offered are not FDIC insured, are not bank deposits, bank obligations or guaranteed by the bank and are subject to investment risk, including potential loss of principal.

Bell Rock Capital LLC is a client-focused, SEC-Registered Investment Advisor providing portfolio management services for a variety of clientèle, including individuals and corporations.